When to Call for an Emergency Tree Removal Professional in Atlanta

It’s important to recognize when to call a professional for emergency tree removal. If a tree is leaning heavily, damaged by weather, posing a threat to structures, or obstructing public pathways, it's time to call in experts. EastLake Tree Services in Atlanta is experienced in handling such emergencies promptly and safely.

Have you ever been startled by the sight of a tree leaning precariously over your property, or a hefty branch threatening to drop onto your car or power lines? These are signs that you need emergency tree removal services. Atlanta, with its wide variety of trees, is no stranger to these scenarios. In this blog post, we discuss when it's time to call a professional for emergency tree removal and why EastLake Tree Services is your go-to choice in Atlanta.

Recognizing the Danger Signs

Recognizing danger signs is crucial to mitigate potential damage and avoid injuries. Here are four key signs that you need an emergency tree removal service:

  1. The Leaning Tower of Pisa Effect If your tree is suddenly leaning to one side, it could be a sign of root instability, which can make the tree a fall risk. This situation needs immediate professional attention.
  2. After the Storm: Lightning strikes, high winds, or heavy rain can cause significant damage to trees. Post-storm is a common time for emergency tree removals, especially if there are broken or hanging branches, split tree trunks, or uprooted trees.
  3. The Threat to Structures: A tree dangerously close to or growing into your home, garage, or other structures can cause considerable damage and poses a clear and immediate threat that requires urgent attention.
  4. Obstruction of a Public Thoroughfare: If a tree or large branch falls, blocking a road, sidewalk, or pathway, it's an emergency that needs immediate attention for the sake of public safety.

EastLake Tree Services: Your Emergency Tree Removal Experts

In all these scenarios, it’s vital to call professionals who specialize in emergency tree removal. EastLake Tree Services in Atlanta is highly experienced in handling all kinds of emergency tree situations. We have the right tools, expertise, and understanding of safety protocols to effectively and safely handle your tree emergency.

Our team is well-prepared to respond quickly, assess the situation, and implement the appropriate actions to minimize any potential harm to your property and ensure your safety. So if you find yourself facing an emergency tree situation, remember - we're just a call away.


Emergency tree situations demand swift action. By being aware of the key signs that require emergency tree removal, you can act promptly and call professionals to handle the task. Don't risk personal injury or property damage by trying to handle the situation yourself. Trust the experts at EastLake Tree Services to help you navigate through your tree emergency safely and efficiently.

“I was referred to Eastlake Tree services by a coworker who was raving about their work ethic. I reached out and had them quote me on the removal of about 10 various trees. Humberto and his team did a fantastic job and finished in half a day! I can’t recommend Eastlake Tree enough.”
– Customer Review

About EastLake Tree Services

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